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2022 Private Treaty Bull Sale:

Here’s how it works

We want to provide our loyal customer base and new potential customers a low stress, low pressure, and efficient way to buy high quality, consistent and powerful Charolais bulls. Buy your next herdsire standing in our bull pen, while you drink your morning coffee or after the kids are in bed. We are here when it works for you.

*Take your time touring through the bull pens. Think about it, talk about it and then go back and have a second look. Our bulls are split into 3 pens. The yearlings are split into two pens making it easier to sort through. The third pen is for the two year olds. When you get to the farm you will get a list of all the bulls tag numbers and all of their information to reference.


*Scroll through this bull sale page, organized by sire groups starting February 1, 2021.  Look at pictures, study pedigrees, and watch videos on all the bulls.  You don’t have to leave your home.  Just call us and ask any questions you may have. We can talk you through your purchase to make sure you will get the right herdsire for your herd. The majority of our bulls are priced from $3500-$5000, with a handful $6000 and up. We have a great group of low birth weight bulls, suitable for heifers. We also have power bulls that will really perform! All these bulls are built right. They are long bodied and smooth shouldered. I believe all the bulls will calve well and work on a variety of cow herds and breeds.

There are always things to disrupt the cattle market.

I always felt quality cattle always premium the market no matter what level it trades at. Buying a quality bull is the only way to improve your calf crop and continue to strive to top the market. I feel this pen of bulls is extremely strong and consistent. We will always continue to improve and strengthen our cow heard and select herdsires that are consistent, sound and are excellent breeders.

Have you been doing the math on extra pay weight that comes with using a Charolais bull?

What’s holding you back? Was the last Charolais bull you used a number of years ago? Things have changed a lot over the years with the Charolais breed. These bulls will sire calves that are born easy and they will perform.

Thinking about maximizing the pounds on your entire cow herd?

 Use a Lt Affinity or Maverick son on your heifers with confidence. They are born small, smooth made, and extremely vigorous!

Buy your next herd sire online or come tour the bull pen.

 Whatever works best for you. Have a look, pick out your favourites and give us a call with any questions, for pricing and to secure your purchase.
We look forward to making your bull buying experience awesome!

– Stephen & Kristin Wielgosz

View our Bulls:

Have a look, pick out your favourites and give us a call with any questions, for pricing and to secure your purchase.

We look forward to making your bull buying experience awesome!

Stephen & Kristin Wielgosz

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Please contact us by phone, text or email with any questions, for pricing and to secure your purchase.

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Email: wielgoszsk@gmail.com

Additional Info

Frequently Asked Questions

We will apply a 3% discount on each bull when you purchase 3 or more bulls.

Also, when you buy bulls privately you know exactly what you have to pay for each bull so its easy to buy multiple bulls while achieving an acceptable average for your operation. 

This is a question we heard a lot when we sold private treaty before. Once customers walk through the bull pen, they see we have so many consistent bulls to pick from and they realized this isn’t a concern. Another thing we realized is everyone is looking for something different with unique goals in mind!

After weaning, we pail feed the bulls oats and supplement along with free choice hay. Pail feeding keeps the bulls quiet and our kids busy during harvest! The bulls are then slowly transitioned to a silage based TMR.

We have always worked with a nutritionist to develop a feeding program that produces healthy bulls that are ready to work. Last year we started working with BeefSmart. With extensive feed testing, our nutritionist has developed a TMR consisting of barley silage, hay, oats, and a custom protein supplement. The protein supplement was balanced to meet the mineral, vitamin and protein demands of the growing bulls.

A proper balance of energy and protein helps express the genetic potential of these breeding bulls while keeping soundness and longevity in mind.


Breanna Anderson, MSc, AAG
Consulting Ruminant Nutritionist
BeefSmart Consulting Inc.


The bulls will be semen tested mid-March and delivered before May 1. We will provide free delivery within 300km. Arrangements to meet at a central location can be made on distances over 300 km or delivery will be cost shared.

We assume responsibility for the bulls until they have a successful semen evaluation. At this point we recommend you insure your purchase.

For your bull insurance needs contact Steen Agencies 1-306-887-2020

Wayne Steen or Nadine Hawreschuk will be happy to help.

We reserve the right to draw semen, for in herd use only, on any bulls that are sold.